God is real.

This is post number 1.

God is real. I’m not bragging here, but he provided me with the a great talent for writing. It’s the one thing about myself that I’ve always liked. I kept a diary from a very young age through high school when shit just got too real and I couldn’t keep up with it.

I overthink a lot. I’m a Gemini/Cancer cusp, which my boyfriend tells me means that I am not just TWO people, but THREE people with that extra Cancer in the mix. So essentially 3 people are having a serious internal struggle within me at all times of the day and night. And sometimes my writing reflects that. Sometimes I can control it. But it’s practically impossible to control the terrible trio if I’m anywhere from 5-10 on the emotional scale. Oddly enough, I rest on that part of the scale for about 75% of each day. Don’t you love life?

Other things I like about writing:

  • It has healing power: http://toppconception.com/mothersday/
  • It’s my best form of communication. Just let me write it down and I can say all that needs to be said
  • It could potentially be an extra form of income, which I could so desperately use right now, what with producing/hosting this project: www.itstasteandsee.com

This blog is a summary of all the ideas I get in my head as I’m commuting to work or watching TV or lounging about. But just keep in mind that I’m an artist. And I’m sensitive about my s***. So when you’re reading my stuff, just, yuh know, go with it.


Thanks for reading!


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