Ranting and Ravings

Why I think gender neutrality is a good thing.

I come from a very stereotypical black family from the South. I went to church A LOT as a kid. I’m thankful that it was the foundation for my relationship with God. However, some of my family are a little…extra at times.

This is the thing. The Bible was a book, written by men, who were on the precipice of a plan to control a nation. They used religion to get people to do what they wanted. They interpreted the gospels as they wished. From there, said book was translated into many languages. Not each language reads as the translations. Go read about that.

These are things that kill me!

  • The fact that we’re grown now. If you still think it’s “gross” or “disgusting” when a man kisses a man, or a woman kisses a woman. Grow up. You need to dig deep for some maturity, because a human being can love another human being. Why does it matter if their genitalia don’t match the way society says it should? Don’t be mad at their relationship just because you have maturity of a 7 year old who giggles at the word “sex”.
  • People that reference the first chapter of Genesis saying, God created Adam and Eve to procreate the world. If the relationship doesn’t culminate in procreation, then it’s a “wrong” relationship? Then the relationship is evil? What about the fact that the world, for all intents and purposes, is completely overpopulated, and what’s worse, the kids whose families abandoned them? Yea, they need homes. If two capable men or two loving women are willing to take the time to parent to our children without families, why would I ever want to stop that?
  • Other Bible scriptures that folks use from a book that was written eons ago. I feel as though religion was the death of spirituality. You can no longer just have a relationship and love and reverence for a Higher Power. NOW you have to go along with this strict set of rules by which to govern yourself, including, I can’t love another person of my same gender in public. Like who comes up with this shit? And people follow it so blindly. The Bible was meant to be a tool, not a weapon. Use it to learn how God moves, or how he blesses you. Don’t use it as a torch against all things a little different from you. Lawd…
  • Gender roles. Boys must play with guns. Girls must play with dolls. Sike. Kids are kids. Once, long ago, someone said that masculinity is equivalent to toy usage. And we believed that person. We then cultivated a terribly binding societal motif that said our kids need to be their own gender. At all times. And if they’re not, that kid is weird, or uncool. I have a friend, that sees people as people. I’m often very jealous of the way that she can see through gender and just love someone else. It speaks a lot to the type of person she is. She puts her trust in another human being and she begins to foster a relationship with them that peaks with love. From the outside, she is one of those warm, loving, genuine people that have a sort of glow about them. And you love that person. That’s dope to me.

At the end of the day, you won’t change everyone’s mind. You won’t. And people may think it’s pointless for me to express my opinion. But I just want people to know that there are people who exist who believe in God, but also believe that Love is Love, no matter who is doing the loving.


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