Bring It Up a Bit

13 things to achieve in 2013

  1. The production of Taste and See Season 1
  2. Get out of debt, heavenly Father
  3. Incorporate my nonprofit org, Your Oyster, Inc.
  4. Publish some comic strips for the home team’s cartoon idea
  5. Earn some grant money for the nonprofit
  6. Instruct some enrichment classes for kids and expose them to careers outside of Doctor, Lawyer, Marine Biologist
  7. Become less selfish
  8. Learn how to draw
  9. Develop workshops on how to create a comic book
  10. Bring others onto the team for the nonprofit
  11. Publish some short stories, articles, etc. in literary magazines, trade journals, etc. for profit
  12. Start working on that food truck idea
  13. Finish my dream board

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