Thoughts. So Many Thoughts.

Therapy for Overthinkers like me.

I am, what they call, an overthinker. Often, I think WAY too much about little stuff that doesn’t matter to others. As a result of thinking on the thing WAY too much, I waste precious time that I could’ve spent executing whatever I was supposed to do. I then come to resent how much I think, and withdraw into “Analysis Paralysis” where I don’t do anything, because I thought about doing it already, and it was just too much, so I gave up.

This is a prime example of an overthinker’s (and oversharer’s) unfortunate situation:

Just now, I was laying on my bed, sick with the sniffles and a cough, and I was approached by 2 thoughts at the same time:

  1. Little voice A says to me, You need to go to the bathroom!
  2. Another little voice, B,  says right after that (or maybe right before?), You need to blow your nose!

My mind instantly free-falls into the throes of so many subsequent thoughts at once:

  1. Which one do I do first?
  2. Do I blow my nose first, then go to the bathroom?
  3. Or do I go to the bathroom first, and then come back to the bed and blow my nose?
  4. Do I do them both at the same time? (Well that makes sense)
  5. What if there’s no toilet paper in the bathroom?
  6. I need to go to the store and buy more Kleenex.
  7. What else could I do besides go to the bathroom?

After having 7 simultaneous thoughts, I was simply EXHAUSTED, and continued to lay in the bed – no number one happened, and nose just continually stopped up. Share this post if you feel me!

Maybe I should join Overthinker’s Anonymous? I wonder if such a thing exists. I should Google it. If it doesn’t exist, I should start it. I wonder who would join such an organization? What would our motto be? Where would we meet?

See what I’m sayin’? And this is EVERYDAY LIFE!

Somebody pray for me.


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