In loving memory of Linda Allene Watson Norman

My grandma was a heroine. In 2008, when I worked for the White House, she was so very proud of me. But she was also very sick, breast, bone and blood cancer having wracked her body. I was determined, to get my grandmother a tour of the West Wing. I had the passes, the day was set, we were outside of the West Wing, looking around for parking. We finally find a parking space. And if you know anything about DC parking, you know that it’s no easy feat. As soon as my grandfather turns the car off, my grandmother realizes that she has left her identification in the hotel room.

My grandfather, grandmother and mother all have simultaneous meltdowns and the minivan was filled with devastation. But this was probably my proudest moment, because I came to the rescue! Hailing a cab Sarah Jessica Parker style I hauled ass to their hotel on Massachusetts Avenue, thundered down the halls and got into the room, grabbed the ID and sprinted back to the West Wing entrance within 18 minutes. I had saved the day and we spent the next hour wandering through the West Wing, visiting the Oval Office, standing at the National Press Secretary’s podium, reminiscing on generations past who would’ve never been able to see or do such things. I wanted that moment to be so terribly special for my family and it was.

A year later, my grandmother passed away. She didn’t get to see me cross the stage with my Bachelor’s Degree, but I know she was there. You see, it rained the moment I crossed the stage and anyone who knows Linda knows she was a weepy one.

***Please donate what you can so we can save others from breast cancer:*** http://www.gofundme.com/44wcno




Relationship Coaching: Relationships are not for the faint of heart

Here’s the thing about being in a relationship. God brought you two together in the hopes that you’ll either:

Learn something from each other (Reason)
Spend a period of time sowing or harvesting together (Season)
Be together until death do you part (Lifetime)

A relationship can fall into one of these three categories. Most people are out here looking for number 3. But you have to remember — not every relationship is for a lifetime! Statistically and logically speaking, it’s impossible.

As a result, you should embrace those relationships that fall into categories 1 and 2. You won’t be able to fully appreciate a lifetime with someone unless you’ve learned the reasons for love or endured a season of growth with someone.

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Weight Loss and Wellness Coaching: Finding your inner strength to lose weight

Hi Friends,

Obesity continues to provide the CDC with alarming statistics for the death rates of Americans. I’ve encountered many people who believe the big fat fatties of the world would lose weight if they just try to lose the weight. Those people should recognize, however, that most often obesity and living for a prolonged time being overweight is actually a symptom, NOT a cause.

Perhaps it was the death of a close family member or friend that causes you to eat more, or the consuming doom of depression that keeps you from the gym or even a past guilt, pain, anger, circumstance, grief, etc. predilects your self-destructive nature. You’ve probably tried to lose weight, but it hasn’t happened consistently and every time you “fail” (whether perceived or legitimate), you choose to withdraw and the guilt of being overweight is washed over you all over again.

Once we understand that obesity and the state of being overweight is a symptom and NOT a cause, we understand that we must root out what is the cause and subsequently remove the cause from the equation, using a vast array of tools, including but not limited too much praying and buckets o’ tears.

Personal story time:

For me, the cause for my 15-18 years of being overweight was a feeling of being un-whole. And those holes were so empty. Somerimes, to be safe, I would hide there in the roots of my depression. To hide the holes from myself, when I needed to appear okaybon the surface, created a lust and zeal for food. I began to fill those holes with food, which for me was every bit comforting.

But I did this strange thing. All the eating, coupled with a complete lethargy and vice for sloth, the pounds just kept coming. And major life setbacj or victory could be sure to correlate positively with my size. So I hid under clothes, and behind my Jansport backpack, and behind the jokes, because I still felt too exposed. I was lying directly to everyone about who I was, and no one could see me for who I really was. I resented people for believing that lie and I’m sorry for that. God told me I needed to remember to love his people. So thank you to the world, who saved me. My mom, my grandpa, my Dad, my grandmother, a host of aunts, uncles, cousins by the dozens, grands, great grands, and all that who got down on their knees to pray for me. set s whole new meaning to comfort food.

My Breakthrough:
My breakthrough came when I realized I had log ago believed a lie someine told me. The truth is in the light. But in those shadows, those lies run rampant. And what with my insecurities, I often picked up the lies. Some I discarded almost immediately because I was able to easily discern them. But in a weak moment, I picked up a lie or two that stayed with me. For years, I lived under the misguided belief that one’s beauty is defined by what you see. But why would God give us four other senses and innumerable other gifts and talents if we only needed sight to see the beauty of others?

Once I changed my thinking (or shifted my paradigm for the Stephen Covey fans) I beame overwhelmed by the truth. Heaking is defined as the revelation of truth. And surely, my soul was healed. Surely (church hum). The truth was this: beauty is NOT defined by what’s on the outside (DUH)! But true beauty is measured by the love in one’s character and the beauty of their downright soul. With this epiphany, I came to the conclusion that I WAS, in fact, an extremely beautiful person and worthy and whole and AWESOME.

From there, all I needed to do was push my physical body to start reflecting the beauty within me. I deserved it, after all. I am now a self-proclaimed gym rat and healthy eating is now a part of my lifestyle! How exciting for me! And right now, I don’t care who knows it. You shouldn’t either!

Real Talk

Come on — how many times have you met a person (maybe family member, friend, boo thang) who, by society’s standards, would be considered hideous. But when they open their mouths or you make a connection with them, quite suddenly they become the most beautiful person you know.

Once the inner strength begins to shine (and you stop with the moping and the anxiety) your body has no choice but to step its game up and bring your sexy back.

Action Items:

  • Go get sweaty. Live an active lifestyle — doesn’t really matter what you’re doing (gym, rock climbing, walking around the neighborhood). As long as your heart rate is up, you are on your way to wellness
  • Repeat positive  affirmations to yourself while you’re getting your sweat on. I mean not one single negative thought about yourself. Push yourself here.*
  • Forgive yourself when you make a negative remark about yourself. Promise me that you will not crush yourself under the weight of your own guilt!
  • Once your body feels like it’s inner spirit has it’s back, I guarantee you’ll start sweating harder, your heart will beat faster and you’ll get closer and closer to having an outer body that reflects your inner light, strength and beauty.
  • Don’t cheat.
  • Work hard.
  • Stay the course.
  • Be strong.

Tweet, Facebook or comment and let me know how it goes!


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The 11 Things You Need to Know (At Any Age)

This will eventually be a coffee table book. The following will describe the world at it’s most raw level. Every moment of your life should lead up to you learning the following 12 things. If you haven’t figured them out, you will:

  1. You are awesome. Nobody gives an eff about a keloid scar. People out here are trying to pay the rent. The fact you can pay the rent, speaks VOLUMES over some stupid scare.
  2. There IS a Higher Power above you. Whatever your believe, whatever name you speak: Jehaovah, Jah, Love, Gatekeeper, Creator, Allah, etc. As long as YOU know that something is guiding you, protecting your life and providing for you, you’re lightyears ahead of the rest. Now that being said, there is no man in the sky waiting to judge you upon your death. Read here for more.
  3. The universe is a living breathing thing. Everything you put into it will manifest itself before you. This includes:
    • negative thoughts
    • positive thoughts
    • guilts
    • regrets
    • joys
    • a future house
    • a lovely family

    In other words, your mouth and the words that come from it, are quite powerful. As soon as you release them into the atmosphere, the universe is required to make it come to pass. It has NO choice!

  4. Love is something you need. Without it, you age prematurely, you get bitchy, you get too macho and you’re just not a good person to be a round. You’re like Karen or Felicia. You just suck. With love, you too can get that lovely, gross feeling of pure intimacy and the connection with another person.
  5. You’ve already learned or your already innately have everything that you need to be successful in life. Think of all of your many talents. The Higher Power previously mentioned would NOT give you those gifts and not also provide you with the tools to be able to use your talents for Him (or Her) and (Their) divine purpose. Isn’t that comforting? Everything you need, you already have! It’s a truth that you’ve just forgotten. Now that you’re reading this, be sure that you remember that truth.
  6. Someday is today. Don’t miss the opportunity. Even if it means late nights, early mornings, no sleep on the weekends; you should know…
  7. Sacrifice is the ambrosia to the success gods. You have GOT to give a little to get a little. And anyone who thinks that they can cut corners in life and still be successful, positive, loving role models, then you should know that there are…
  8. Zero shortcuts in this thing called life. As soon as you try to cheat someone, even if you are successful once you’ve cheated, your small win has caused a shift in the universe. And because the shift occurred, the universe must realign itself. As soon as you’ve wronged someone, someone else is righted, and so on and so forth.
  9. Your f*** up is someone else’s win. Get over it. You’re gonna get the W and someone else is going home with no drawers on. It is what it is– the more you get caught up in the hype or the more anxiety it causes you, that’s only going to cause you to doubt yourself. And why do that?
  10. Ain’t ish fun about guilt, hurt, shame or sorrow. If you don’t want to put yourself down, you don’t have to. You’re better than that. You are a child of the most High, so you are STRONGER than that. If your life’s goal is happiness, DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE UNHAPPY!. As soon as a negative thought comes your way, repeat the following to yourself as many times as it takes for you to believe it: Hey! Go away! Guilt has no place here. I have no room for you here. My heart’s too full of love and joy to have any time for you. I don’t need. you. You don’t need guilt. Without you, guilt would not exist, so why hang on to it?
    How much more effort does it take to believe lesson number 1 (see above)? You ARE awesome. Now, it’s up to you to believe you are awesome. I believe that somewhere right now someone’s noggin is changing in the right direction. As soon as they see the light, they now have a simple decision (note that I said “simple” and NOT “easy”) to make: 1) do I continue to be miserable OR 2) do I decide to be happy? As soon as you recognize that it’s a simple choice, and you’ve realized that you’ve come to the same crossroad often, that’s when you’ll realize you NEED to make choice number 2. Why would you want to be miserable? And I hear what you’re saying —
  11. People don’t want to be sad or anxious or lonely or depressed or whatever the ailment. But you just freaking are sometimes. And I know, I get it — I was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2007. I know first-hand what a stronghold your illness or setback or disability can have on your mind. Whatever you are suffering from. But I believe I’ve found the cure: once you have a negative thought, immediately swat it away. And the next time you have a negative thought, on instinct, your brain will swat it away yet again. Visualize this in your mind’s eye. Once you do, you’ll recognize that…
  12. You must learn to visualize your desire. Channel it, write it down, record yourself saying it, dream about it and as soon as the universe captures your needs, your dream, hopes and aspirations, the universe will fulfill it. It has NO CHOICE! Again, it’s a living, breathing thing — all requests that you bring forth to the world, to the universe? They will most certainly come to pass.

Here’s your action item:

Go forth and visualize the things that you want. Maybe it’s a dream board –I’m working on my second one right now. Whatever it is you desire, put it out in the universe and I guarantee the universe will shift itself to accommodate it. It has to. It has an inferiority complex just like we do and must adjust to the will and desires of those around it. But it’s cool — the universe is cool.

Facebook, Tweet, or comment to let me know what the universe brings to you!

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When you serve up love’s tall order.


When we approach the cosmic border.

How many lives do you care to live with me?

We come, we see, we conquer,

Co-sign my darling valentine,

Because we’re destined to push love’s limit by 2 or 3.

On love’s aromatic ambrosia we will dine.

Cuz this love’s divine.

Cuz our love’s so fine.

Our circle of love knows one curl.

This love puts me on nine.

And this love’s all mine.

Just as smoke belongs to the unfurl.

Freeverse, God is real.

An Open Letter on Self-Destruction and the New Slavery

Dear Fellow Earth Inhabitants,

I recently had a cathartic revelation. It was freeing. It was liberating. Have you ever had the truth just hit you and it was so overwhelming? Not unlike a ton of bricks, I was overcome to discover that God did not make me to hate myself. Some may snicker, but hear me out.

As some of you may know from past posts, I was raised in Southern Baptist churches. And I always grew very anxious around the subject of repentance. It was as if there was something there that I just couldn’t believe in.

Very recently, as I said, I uncovered the truth. God made me in His image and gave light to my soul through His Holy Spirit. He made you quite perfectly in His image. You can either CHOOSE the light or CHOOSE to go toward the darkness, lr the shadow or evil as some call it, within you.

Find peace in the truth I discovered: you are majestic. You are creative. You are awesome, you’re everthing God called you to be. You have all the gifts and talents that God put in you. Everything that you need to be successful in life, you already have it!

And as soon as you stop believing that your mistakes should be punished through repentance and the moment you realize God is NOT sitting high and looking low judging all of your actions and either condemning you to Hell or welcoming you through the Pearly Gates, you will IMMEDIATELY be free. The chains and shackles of the new slavery will literally dissipate.

Fear has no place in you, anxiety has no place, nor guilt, nor depression or sadness or anger or addiction or struggle or daddy issues or intimacy concerns or promiscuity or any negative thing that you can only see when you’re attempting to give power to the darkness. When you sit and fester on your past inequities or chastize yourself, that’s not God. Thats’s not the light. You’ve just given energy to your shadows.

Soon you’ll discover that the dark within you has ZERO POWER. The only power comes from the light within you, the God within you. When you give energy to the dark, you probably get that feeling increasing discomfort. The reason you’re uncomfortable or troubled by this self-deprecation is because the darkness has no where to rest inside of you. It doesn’t belong there. But you are strong because you have the light of God within you and as everyone knows, even just a meager beam of light will completely envelope and destroy or cast away the dark. Duh.

Be comforted by this.

God does NOT want you to punish yourself. Your mistake, that was punishment enough in and of itself. You don’t need to keep punishing yourself by being anxious or guilty or afraid or lonely. For what? God wants you to be HAPPY, not sad.

Don’t be self-destructive. Stop that. Let it go. It has no place in you. That’s not what God created you for. He made you so that you could lift Him up and fulfill the grand, incredible and fantastic plans He has for you. He did NOT make you to lay down, completely inept because you feel too guilty over your past regrets.

For people who feel weak, you will find the strength you’ve desperately been searching for when you make the choice to get up, shake it off, forgive yourself for believing the lies of the dark, and keep it moving.

Walk into victory people. You don’t need chains. You don’t need to put yourself into the new slavery. Be liberated with these thoughts.