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The 11 Things You Need to Know (At Any Age)

This will eventually be a coffee table book. The following will describe the world at it’s most raw level. Every moment of your life should lead up to you learning the following 12 things. If you haven’t figured them out, you will:

  1. You are awesome. Nobody gives an eff about a keloid scar. People out here are trying to pay the rent. The fact you can pay the rent, speaks VOLUMES over some stupid scare.
  2. There IS a Higher Power above you. Whatever your believe, whatever name you speak: Jehaovah, Jah, Love, Gatekeeper, Creator, Allah, etc. As long as YOU know that something is guiding you, protecting your life and providing for you, you’re lightyears ahead of the rest. Now that being said, there is no man in the sky waiting to judge you upon your death. Read here for more.
  3. The universe is a living breathing thing. Everything you put into it will manifest itself before you. This includes:
    • negative thoughts
    • positive thoughts
    • guilts
    • regrets
    • joys
    • a future house
    • a lovely family

    In other words, your mouth and the words that come from it, are quite powerful. As soon as you release them into the atmosphere, the universe is required to make it come to pass. It has NO choice!

  4. Love is something you need. Without it, you age prematurely, you get bitchy, you get too macho and you’re just not a good person to be a round. You’re like Karen or Felicia. You just suck. With love, you too can get that lovely, gross feeling of pure intimacy and the connection with another person.
  5. You’ve already learned or your already innately have everything that you need to be successful in life. Think of all of your many talents. The Higher Power previously mentioned would NOT give you those gifts and not also provide you with the tools to be able to use your talents for Him (or Her) and (Their) divine purpose. Isn’t that comforting? Everything you need, you already have! It’s a truth that you’ve just forgotten. Now that you’re reading this, be sure that you remember that truth.
  6. Someday is today. Don’t miss the opportunity. Even if it means late nights, early mornings, no sleep on the weekends; you should know…
  7. Sacrifice is the ambrosia to the success gods. You have GOT to give a little to get a little. And anyone who thinks that they can cut corners in life and still be successful, positive, loving role models, then you should know that there are…
  8. Zero shortcuts in this thing called life. As soon as you try to cheat someone, even if you are successful once you’ve cheated, your small win has caused a shift in the universe. And because the shift occurred, the universe must realign itself. As soon as you’ve wronged someone, someone else is righted, and so on and so forth.
  9. Your f*** up is someone else’s win. Get over it. You’re gonna get the W and someone else is going home with no drawers on. It is what it is– the more you get caught up in the hype or the more anxiety it causes you, that’s only going to cause you to doubt yourself. And why do that?
  10. Ain’t ish fun about guilt, hurt, shame or sorrow. If you don’t want to put yourself down, you don’t have to. You’re better than that. You are a child of the most High, so you are STRONGER than that. If your life’s goal is happiness, DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE UNHAPPY!. As soon as a negative thought comes your way, repeat the following to yourself as many times as it takes for you to believe it: Hey! Go away! Guilt has no place here. I have no room for you here. My heart’s too full of love and joy to have any time for you. I don’t need. you. You don’t need guilt. Without you, guilt would not exist, so why hang on to it?
    How much more effort does it take to believe lesson number 1 (see above)? You ARE awesome. Now, it’s up to you to believe you are awesome. I believe that somewhere right now someone’s noggin is changing in the right direction. As soon as they see the light, they now have a simple decision (note that I said “simple” and NOT “easy”) to make: 1) do I continue to be miserable OR 2) do I decide to be happy? As soon as you recognize that it’s a simple choice, and you’ve realized that you’ve come to the same crossroad often, that’s when you’ll realize you NEED to make choice number 2. Why would you want to be miserable? And I hear what you’re saying —
  11. People don’t want to be sad or anxious or lonely or depressed or whatever the ailment. But you just freaking are sometimes. And I know, I get it — I was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2007. I know first-hand what a stronghold your illness or setback or disability can have on your mind. Whatever you are suffering from. But I believe I’ve found the cure: once you have a negative thought, immediately swat it away. And the next time you have a negative thought, on instinct, your brain will swat it away yet again. Visualize this in your mind’s eye. Once you do, you’ll recognize that…
  12. You must learn to visualize your desire. Channel it, write it down, record yourself saying it, dream about it and as soon as the universe captures your needs, your dream, hopes and aspirations, the universe will fulfill it. It has NO CHOICE! Again, it’s a living, breathing thing — all requests that you bring forth to the world, to the universe? They will most certainly come to pass.

Here’s your action item:

Go forth and visualize the things that you want. Maybe it’s a dream board –I’m working on my second one right now. Whatever it is you desire, put it out in the universe and I guarantee the universe will shift itself to accommodate it. It has to. It has an inferiority complex just like we do and must adjust to the will and desires of those around it. But it’s cool — the universe is cool.

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An Open Letter on Self-Destruction and the New Slavery

Dear Fellow Earth Inhabitants,

I recently had a cathartic revelation. It was freeing. It was liberating. Have you ever had the truth just hit you and it was so overwhelming? Not unlike a ton of bricks, I was overcome to discover that God did not make me to hate myself. Some may snicker, but hear me out.

As some of you may know from past posts, I was raised in Southern Baptist churches. And I always grew very anxious around the subject of repentance. It was as if there was something there that I just couldn’t believe in.

Very recently, as I said, I uncovered the truth. God made me in His image and gave light to my soul through His Holy Spirit. He made you quite perfectly in His image. You can either CHOOSE the light or CHOOSE to go toward the darkness, lr the shadow or evil as some call it, within you.

Find peace in the truth I discovered: you are majestic. You are creative. You are awesome, you’re everthing God called you to be. You have all the gifts and talents that God put in you. Everything that you need to be successful in life, you already have it!

And as soon as you stop believing that your mistakes should be punished through repentance and the moment you realize God is NOT sitting high and looking low judging all of your actions and either condemning you to Hell or welcoming you through the Pearly Gates, you will IMMEDIATELY be free. The chains and shackles of the new slavery will literally dissipate.

Fear has no place in you, anxiety has no place, nor guilt, nor depression or sadness or anger or addiction or struggle or daddy issues or intimacy concerns or promiscuity or any negative thing that you can only see when you’re attempting to give power to the darkness. When you sit and fester on your past inequities or chastize yourself, that’s not God. Thats’s not the light. You’ve just given energy to your shadows.

Soon you’ll discover that the dark within you has ZERO POWER. The only power comes from the light within you, the God within you. When you give energy to the dark, you probably get that feeling increasing discomfort. The reason you’re uncomfortable or troubled by this self-deprecation is because the darkness has no where to rest inside of you. It doesn’t belong there. But you are strong because you have the light of God within you and as everyone knows, even just a meager beam of light will completely envelope and destroy or cast away the dark. Duh.

Be comforted by this.

God does NOT want you to punish yourself. Your mistake, that was punishment enough in and of itself. You don’t need to keep punishing yourself by being anxious or guilty or afraid or lonely. For what? God wants you to be HAPPY, not sad.

Don’t be self-destructive. Stop that. Let it go. It has no place in you. That’s not what God created you for. He made you so that you could lift Him up and fulfill the grand, incredible and fantastic plans He has for you. He did NOT make you to lay down, completely inept because you feel too guilty over your past regrets.

For people who feel weak, you will find the strength you’ve desperately been searching for when you make the choice to get up, shake it off, forgive yourself for believing the lies of the dark, and keep it moving.

Walk into victory people. You don’t need chains. You don’t need to put yourself into the new slavery. Be liberated with these thoughts.



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George Zimmerman is Not Guilty

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. Besides the obvious feelings of injustice and anger, I feel most especially sorry for the family. This is like opening up a fresh wound, and no human really deserves to go through that.

Those of the Civil Rights Movement generation are looking to my generation and saying, “This is your Emmitt Till moment! Will you revolutionize?” Where do we go from this moment? Because I gotta tell you, I can’t just sit around after this and everything go back to the way it was.

Maybe we can’t stage sit-ins at counters anymore, and a cop wouldn’t dare put a fire hose to a bunch of black people in their own neighborhood, but now we need to think of a new way to protest. Is it an Internet protest? A retailer protest? What can WE do that would cause a big stink? And why haven’t we thought of it yet?

Now would be a good freaking time to get a THINK TANK together people. We need to brainstorm. Some of the most intelligent minds that I know could get on this and get an answer tomorrow. Within 24 hours, we could determine the way to revolutionize the world. The only issue is — will we organize to implement it?

I’m not sure about that. We’ve developed a real lacking desire to organize lately. The sororitys and fraternitys of yesteryear don’t really appeal to today’s generation like it did in the past. National organizations don’t have the same influence and power either. So — where does that leave us?

Unorganized and shit out of luck. I’m ever hopeful, though. All we need is a spark. Truly — that’s all any revolution has ever required. In celebration of Bastille Day today, we should recognize that all the French needed was to tear the fortress Bastille brick-by-brick. In the dark of night. All of the sudden, the restless city was in full revolution mode, all because a building that represented the monarchy no longer existed.

What will be our Bastille? Where’s the spark gonna come from? There are so many open questions that it makes my head spin. The worse part is the fact that I’m not willing to do something about it myself. All I can think of is my own life, my own bills, my desire to go to Graduate School next month, my job that pays the aforementioned bills, the gas that needs to go into the car, etc.

Why won’t I be the change I wish to see? Why am I still sitting here typing this to you instead of knocking out a door window?

Where’s our Malcolm X? Where’s our Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr? Who will we name our highways and streets in 30 years?

And most importantly: how will we get justice for Trayvon Martin?

God is real.

I’ve never fancied myself a follower of Christ.

For the past 24 years, I’ve been to many many many churches. Presbyterians, COGIC, AME, and most certainly Baptist. I was baptized in a Baptist church, I’ve let go of all of my family that have left this earth in a Baptist church, been in and attended countless weddings in Baptist churches.

But I’ve never fancied myself a follower of Christ. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God. But Jesus — I’ve just never been so sure. I mean, I don’t get it. A bunch of men sat in a room and combined the Old and New Testaments and called it our gospel. At the same time, they were taking countless stories of other people and massaging them gently together while telling the “story” of the life of Jesus.

I’ve never said anything about this to anyone besides my mom and grandpa. Mostly for fear of being called a heretic, or worse, an atheist (my apologies to the atheists if that sounded offensive). But as God gives me favor and keeps adding days to my life, I can’t help but to share my thoughts in the hopes that someone else is thinking the same thing.

And I’ve always said “In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen” at the end of my prayers. But I say it mostly out of habit, and even then, I’m a strong believer in whatever you call God, He’s still GOD. Ya know? Like, I’m down with people that call him Allah, or Jah, or Jehovah, or Love, and even those that call Him ‘She’. Whatever. Don’t care what name He has, but it weirds me when people consider God to ONLY be the man that rose on the 3rd day. What about his pops? The man that presumably gave the world His only begotten son? Wasn’t he God too?

This is no shade to you or you or you. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

And why is the Old Testament in there, anyway? Just to scare the YEEZUS out of us? Then sing SEVERAL happy songs with David? And close out with Malachai and them, just for giggles? This was an aside, but a serious one.

Furthermore, I consider myself an infinitely more spiritual person than a religious one. For a lot of people, I’m not sure if they believe there is a difference. And I get it– when a person takes a religion and makes their life about it, because they’ve been told its what gets them to Heaven, it can be VERY difficult if not impossible to begin to question it. I get it. But I believe that God gave us a mind to question and not to believe everything we’ve been told.

Feel free to share this. I’d be interested to hear a unique opinion.

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The beginning of a million (seven) questions from me.

For Part 1, please read HERE.

  1. God is real. I begged and begged and pleaded with Him to dream about her right after she died just so I could still feel some kind of closeness to her. It never happened. So why now?
  2. Why were we at my house? Why not her house?
  3. Why is she always in a rocking chair? What’s up with that?!
  4. Why is she smiling? Not to say my grandma was a scowler, but the majority of her expressions were NOT smiles.
  5. Is she still watching over me? Is that why I’m on the ground?
  6. Why was I so blunt with my thought to myself: Marrissa — your grandmother is dead. Why did I have to say it like that?
  7. WHY NOW???

This weekend, I laid out a master plan to set up a nonprofit organization that teaches young people about art and media careers, as an enrichment to the standard public/private school, curriculum. When I realized I needed a name for such a venture, the first that came to mind was,  “Your Oyster, Inc.”

When I was a kid, my grandmother would always tell me the world was my oyster. And the moment I decided to start a nonprofit and name it for her, then I suddenly have a dream about her? Is that why she’s back?

To encourage me?

Well thank God because I am SO nervous about this thing. I mean seriously, God? First Taste and See, with a full time job, writing magazine articles, maintaining 2 blogs, co-publishing a comic book, conceptualizing multiple novels AND a nonprofit on top of all that?

I guess He’s preparing my testimony. Gotta admit, though. I’m still a little nervous.

Grandma and me