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An Open Letter on Self-Destruction and the New Slavery

Dear Fellow Earth Inhabitants,

I recently had a cathartic revelation. It was freeing. It was liberating. Have you ever had the truth just hit you and it was so overwhelming? Not unlike a ton of bricks, I was overcome to discover that God did not make me to hate myself. Some may snicker, but hear me out.

As some of you may know from past posts, I was raised in Southern Baptist churches. And I always grew very anxious around the subject of repentance. It was as if there was something there that I just couldn’t believe in.

Very recently, as I said, I uncovered the truth. God made me in His image and gave light to my soul through His Holy Spirit. He made you quite perfectly in His image. You can either CHOOSE the light or CHOOSE to go toward the darkness, lr the shadow or evil as some call it, within you.

Find peace in the truth I discovered: you are majestic. You are creative. You are awesome, you’re everthing God called you to be. You have all the gifts and talents that God put in you. Everything that you need to be successful in life, you already have it!

And as soon as you stop believing that your mistakes should be punished through repentance and the moment you realize God is NOT sitting high and looking low judging all of your actions and either condemning you to Hell or welcoming you through the Pearly Gates, you will IMMEDIATELY be free. The chains and shackles of the new slavery will literally dissipate.

Fear has no place in you, anxiety has no place, nor guilt, nor depression or sadness or anger or addiction or struggle or daddy issues or intimacy concerns or promiscuity or any negative thing that you can only see when you’re attempting to give power to the darkness. When you sit and fester on your past inequities or chastize yourself, that’s not God. Thats’s not the light. You’ve just given energy to your shadows.

Soon you’ll discover that the dark within you has ZERO POWER. The only power comes from the light within you, the God within you. When you give energy to the dark, you probably get that feeling increasing discomfort. The reason you’re uncomfortable or troubled by this self-deprecation is because the darkness has no where to rest inside of you. It doesn’t belong there. But you are strong because you have the light of God within you and as everyone knows, even just a meager beam of light will completely envelope and destroy or cast away the dark. Duh.

Be comforted by this.

God does NOT want you to punish yourself. Your mistake, that was punishment enough in and of itself. You don’t need to keep punishing yourself by being anxious or guilty or afraid or lonely. For what? God wants you to be HAPPY, not sad.

Don’t be self-destructive. Stop that. Let it go. It has no place in you. That’s not what God created you for. He made you so that you could lift Him up and fulfill the grand, incredible and fantastic plans He has for you. He did NOT make you to lay down, completely inept because you feel too guilty over your past regrets.

For people who feel weak, you will find the strength you’ve desperately been searching for when you make the choice to get up, shake it off, forgive yourself for believing the lies of the dark, and keep it moving.

Walk into victory people. You don’t need chains. You don’t need to put yourself into the new slavery. Be liberated with these thoughts.



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George Zimmerman is Not Guilty

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. Besides the obvious feelings of injustice and anger, I feel most especially sorry for the family. This is like opening up a fresh wound, and no human really deserves to go through that.

Those of the Civil Rights Movement generation are looking to my generation and saying, “This is your Emmitt Till moment! Will you revolutionize?” Where do we go from this moment? Because I gotta tell you, I can’t just sit around after this and everything go back to the way it was.

Maybe we can’t stage sit-ins at counters anymore, and a cop wouldn’t dare put a fire hose to a bunch of black people in their own neighborhood, but now we need to think of a new way to protest. Is it an Internet protest? A retailer protest? What can WE do that would cause a big stink? And why haven’t we thought of it yet?

Now would be a good freaking time to get a THINK TANK together people. We need to brainstorm. Some of the most intelligent minds that I know could get on this and get an answer tomorrow. Within 24 hours, we could determine the way to revolutionize the world. The only issue is — will we organize to implement it?

I’m not sure about that. We’ve developed a real lacking desire to organize lately. The sororitys and fraternitys of yesteryear don’t really appeal to today’s generation like it did in the past. National organizations don’t have the same influence and power either. So — where does that leave us?

Unorganized and shit out of luck. I’m ever hopeful, though. All we need is a spark. Truly — that’s all any revolution has ever required. In celebration of Bastille Day today, we should recognize that all the French needed was to tear the fortress Bastille brick-by-brick. In the dark of night. All of the sudden, the restless city was in full revolution mode, all because a building that represented the monarchy no longer existed.

What will be our Bastille? Where’s the spark gonna come from? There are so many open questions that it makes my head spin. The worse part is the fact that I’m not willing to do something about it myself. All I can think of is my own life, my own bills, my desire to go to Graduate School next month, my job that pays the aforementioned bills, the gas that needs to go into the car, etc.

Why won’t I be the change I wish to see? Why am I still sitting here typing this to you instead of knocking out a door window?

Where’s our Malcolm X? Where’s our Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr? Who will we name our highways and streets in 30 years?

And most importantly: how will we get justice for Trayvon Martin?

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Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick-self. Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility.

Khalil Gibran

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