Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe

  1. Black Bean and Corn Salsa
    “My Boo’s Favorite”

    one 15oz can of canned black beans (Goya, preferably)
    15oz of frozen sweet corn
    one red bell pepper, chopped
    one quarter of a red onion, chopped
    one lime
    Your favorite seasonings, to taste

    Pop open the black beans. Rinse them off, because they look gross coming out of the can. Once they’re good and rinsed, drop them into a big bowl. Crack open the frozen sweet corn. Pour it back into the now-empty black bean can. I didn’t tell you to throw it away!

    Measure out approximately 15 oz. of frozen corn. (You can use a can of corn, but I like frozen the best. You’ll see why later).  Pop that thang into the large bowl. Now, get your slicing skills on and chop up this red onion. Make sure you take out the seeds from the pepper, otherwise, you might make it too spicy. Which isn’t good, even if you like it spicy. Too spicy = bad.

    Slide the chopped red peppers swiftly into the big bowl. Then, slice the red onion. Or purple onion, as some people believe. This is a lie. Yes, I know it looks purple. But it’s red on the inside, kinda. So deal with it. Now — if you chop too much of this, you will be onion breathed for days. Not a good look. Just a quarter of a red onion is enough for this dish.

    Once you’ve got all of the main ingredients in the dish, it’s time for the glue. A healthy squeezing of fresh lime juice seals this entire dish together. It makes it fantastic! It also miraculously thaws the frozen corn, and makes the dish edible.

    My suggestions for squeezing out the lime juice: break out your tongs. Slice the lime in half, then place one half between your metal or plastic (metal preferred) tongs. Now, squeeze the tongs together above your corn, bean, pepper, onion mixture. Once you see that most of the lime’s fruit is exposed, move on to the second slice.

    Once the lime juice is in, the fun begins! Get out your mixing spoon and blend well. Let it sit for a bit, to make sure all the corn thaws.

    Then. Eat em up!

    My favorite seasonings for this dish include: cumin, salt, cilantro, and pepper.

    Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe

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