Shredded Chicken Tacos

What’s not to love? You’ve got all the major food groups:

  1. Chicken – meat
  2. Lettuce – veggies
  3. Tomatoes – fruit
  4. Cheese – dairy
  5. Tortillas – bread

I love tacos more than the average human. They escalate me to higher heights.

Sorry — foodgasm over. This recipe is really quick and easy. That’s the best kinda recipe, ya know?

Grab one pack of chicken thighs, or more if you’re really hungry
1 white, red, yellow, Spanish, whatever onion you got
1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic
5 or so garlic cloves, pressed
some frozen peppers (red, yellow, green work best)
fixins, for me this varies between tomatoes (pico de gallo), avocados, and lots of cheese

best seasonings: cumin, pack of Goya, pepper, Adobe seasoning salt, cilantro, paprika, dash of cayenne

Brine your meat. If you don’t know what means, refer to my future brining article that will live HERE. For now, reference this video:

Get out your saucepan. I prefer the stainless steel kind with copper bottoms. Not sure why — they just make me feel like a real chef. Put a teensie bit of olive oil in the bottom of the pan. Turn the heat up, I usually average somewhere in the middle between High as hell and Medium. Throw in the minced garlic and red peppers and let ’em sizzle for a bit. That can be fun in and of itself. The smells that are gonna start coming from the saucepan? Yes Heavenly Father.

Rinse off the chicken, in my mind it removes the excess salt. Doubt it though. Quarter the onions, put to the side. Remove the skins from the garlic cloves. My mom taught me that it’s easiest to do if you put your biggest knife on top of each clove and push down until it cracks a bit (if it breaks in half, you’re doing too much).

Once the peppers are good and soft and aromatic, place the chicken inside the sauce pan. Grab your measuring cup real quick and pour in enough water to cover the chicken in the saucepan. Toss in those onion quarters into the saucepan too. I try to get real strategic, and plan the onion quarters on top of each chicken thigh. Throw in the pressed garlic too.

Crank that thang up to High, because we want to the water to boil, which will boil and cook the chicken and release the tasty flavors from the onions, garlic, and seasonings. So. once it begins to boil, turn that thang down to low and put 30 minutes on the timer. Askew a cover over the top of the saucepan and let it flow. Sometimes its fun to lift the cover and skim the fat off the surface of the water. Then toss it quickly into the sink as if you’re removing the fat from the jiggly part of your arms. Moving on.

Get out your cutting board. You have to prep the fixins. I like tomatoes a lot. And I’m currently getting into avocados. Hope you bought some shredded cheese from the store! Place these all on a cute plate like this is TGIFriday’s.

Once the timer has ticked down to zero, turn off that thang. Get out your classy tongs, the metal kind (the plastic kind suck) and a plate. Remove the chicken from the water. And let it just sit and cool down. If you cut it too soon, you’ll release all the moisture and you’ll have super dry chicken. So be patient.

Walk away. Taste some of the cheese. Break the packet open on the sour cream. Throw the tortillas on top of your burner if you have a gas stove. Flip em over a couple times. This is where cooking gets fun.

Come back to the chicken after about 10 minutes. Grab a fork. Place the tines of the fork on the chicken and as you pull back toward you, begin to feel the satisfaction of the most tenderly succulent meat you’ve ever had.

Oh yea.

I think you can surmise what to do from here. Below is a pretty picture of how you should attempt to plate this dish. Throw some cilantro and a lime on top because both are yummy.

shredded deliciousness of chicken tacos

The above chicken looks dry. Your chicken won’t look like this. So I challenge you to bring back pictures of your delicious chicken!

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