Writing Advice

Writer’s Tip # 1

Creativity is the cure for depression. When you’re feeling very low, take some of that darkness and turn it into something creative! Maybe it’s a dark and lonely  character from a story, or a sad love poem. Remember a young woman named, Adele? Oh yea. If she can do it, you most certainly can.

Writer’s Tip #2

Embrace the bad! Recently, I’ve been coming up with some very great ideas (see Writer’s Tip #). And I made a promise to myself that regardless of how terrible my outline sounds or the story line I’ve already got going, I’m going to embrace the bad and just try to write something. As a result, I’ve got thousands of words that I didn’t have before. And let’s just be honest, out of some of that shitty writing came some wonderful words. Again, words, that I didn’t have before. So now — I’m able to go back and edit those terrible words into better ones!

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